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Article: Modern and Creative Alexandrite Jewelry

Modern and Creative Alexandrite Jewelry

Modern and Creative Alexandrite Jewelry

One of the most unique gemstones available, Alexandrite is known for its ability to change color when viewed under different kinds of light sources. This stone gives an emerald effect during the day and a ruby effect at night, making it one of the most versatile gemstones to have in your collection. This rare stone was named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, where it was first discovered in the Ural Mountains. Because of its special abilities, the stone become the national stone of tsarist Russia whose military colors were green and red.


Fig Alexandrite Ring

Since the discovery of alexandrite, the gemstone has been considered to bring a lot of luck, good fortune, and love. In Russia, the stone is considered a good omen. It is believed to bring equilibrium in the collaboration between the bodily manifested world and the non-manifested spiritual world. It is believed to open the crown chakra, bringing one access to the warm, healing energy and the love of the universe. It is also believed to fortify perception, creativity, and imagination. You can buy modern alexandrite jewelry if you are born in the month of June.


Alexandrite: The Modern June Birthstone

June babies are generally creative, intelligent, bubbly, and happy as they have a thoughtful and mysterious streak. Geminis are known for their twin personalities and alexandrite perfectly represents them due to its color-changing characteristics. June babies are blessed to have not one but three birthstones including Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone.

 Ash Alexandrite Ring

Information related to Alexandrite

  • It is a variety of Chrysoberyl
  • Refractive Index- 1.745–1.759
  • Luster- Vitreous
  • Hardness- 8.5
  • Specific Gravity- 3.68–3.80
  • Heat Sensitivity-Yes
  • Luminescence- Weak red in SW and LW
  • Luminescence Type-Fluorescent, UV-Long, UV-Short
  • Transparency- Opaque to transparent


Care for the stone

With a hardness of 8.5, the alexandrite makes a very durable stone that is suitable for any jewelry setting. However, it is important to take care when faceting the stone as the stone is sensitive to knock as well as extreme heat. These gems don’t need much care so anyone can wear jewelry with these amazing stones without much worry. It is easy to clean them mechanically as per the instructions of the system used. Of course, you can clean them with warm, soapy water and a tiny brush. If you have invested in an alexandrite jewelry set, you can wear it without much worry.

Zoe Alexandrite Ring

Alexandrite is generally found in smaller than five carats. The sizes over five carats are considered large and will command a proportionally higher price. You can find one of the largest Alexandrites in the world in Ceylon. The stones here weigh up to 60 carats each. These stones are of a darker color. Alexandrite is a hard, durable stone that is rated 8.5 on the hardness scale. It is surpassed in solidity only by a diamond as well as corundum. It is because of this, that Alexandrite is one of the costliest gemstones in the world. So, when you want to purchase one, always look for the alexandrite jewelry sale and lucky for you our alexandrite is currently 30% off. 



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