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Autistic & Proud

Kherish is truly a one of a kind company. All of our Artists have "Autism Spectrum Disorder" (ASD). We each struggle to find our place in this world as ASD adds unique challenges to our daily lives. These challenges make traditional employment nearly impossible for us. This is why we created Kherish.

At Kherish our artists are able to design and create in ways that work with our disabilities instead of in conflict with them. Through Kherish we are able to showcase our talents and raise awareness about the limitless capabilities of people with ASD.

Our creations are distinctive and unique. Our pieces are all handmade by us and we have truly put our heart and soul into the process.

  • Asa Ring

    If you ask us, you deserve the best possible ring to complete your look, which is why we have designed our Asa black onyx rings in rose gold to offer the perfect solution. Featuring over twenty individually hand-chosen natural crystals and a 2.1 carat central black onyx, it’s a design that will capture the light in any scenario.

  • Zia Ring

    Have you been looking to add a little luxury to your jewelry collection? If so, then we’re confident our Zia peacock sapphire ring in gold might be just the option for you! We’ve made this breathtaking ring with premium gold on sterling silver materials, and each ring is finished with a breathtaking 6.0mm central peacock sapphire.

  • Tya Ring

    Here at Kherish, we put our heart into every design we create. And that’s no less true for our iconic and magical Tya London Blue Topaz ring. Made from the finest sterling silver and finished with six hand-chosen natural crystals, it’s a look that could be a perfect match for any outfit! With natural crystals that give it undeniable magic and appeal.

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